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I had a great experience ordering a gift on behalf of my father for my parents' anniversary. Placed the order on the website on a Tuesday, and the orchids were delivered on Wednesday. Mind you, the first day of Raya was on that same Thursday, so I was quite worried that there would be problems getting the order delivered on time as it was also MCO 3.0. But I was glad that Luxe Florist was able to accomplish the task. Contacted Luxe Florist via Instagram DM to confirm whether my order had been processed on Wednesday morning and received prompt response together with a photo of the orchids. The orchids arrived intact and looking healthy. Thank you so much for making my parents' special occasion that much happier. My mom loved the orchids!


Thanks, Luxe Florist, my mom in law loves the orchids. Delivered as promised with lots of flower buds. My mom in law appreciated it and loving it. Blooming nicely full of pretty flowers now!


A pot of fresh orchids is a great choice that I had made for my mum's birthday gift. Flowers are exactly shown as photo (with 2 stalks). Nicely wrapped and very presentable.


Just wow. I am writing this review almost one month after the recipient received the fresh orchids. The orchids still look brand new! I would highly recommend buying from Luxe Florist, Thanks.


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